How we promote your business with social media management

We all want to grow our businesses. The internet is a great place to interact with customers and generate enquiries. Social media is where most people are and, if we can use it well, a place where we can turn casual lookers into customers.

Are you one of the many businesses failing to make the most of your social media? You don't know what to say or if anyone would care if you did? You've seen other businesses engaging people online so why can't you?

Social media management adds value to your business by increasing your visibility online. We'll keep your social followers up to date with your business, show them how you work and why you're right for them.

We can direct people to your website, let them know about your services, promote your events and deliver information that's relevant to them and their business. 

We create the posts, you review them and we send them out for you. At the end of each month we'll give you an update on how your social media is doing, what's worked and what can be improved.

With a one month rolling contract you're never tied in, you've got full control over your social media. And your first month includes a week free so we can get your message prepped before we start posting.

Read our straight forward step by step of how the process works and if you have any questions get in touch or tweet us.



£100 per month social management includes

  • The first week free to prep your posts
  • At least 2 posts per day onto your Twitter account
  • Content tailored to suit your audience
  • Advice on what and when to post
  • Directing traffic to your website
  • Posts prepped from relevant sources
  • 1 month rolling contract, no fixed terms
  • Monthly report on how your account is doing
  • Advice on how to improve your campaign

Step by Step

1. What to say

We chat with you so you can tell us the goals of your business, what you want to achieve, who your customers are and what you want them to do. We'll follow any information you give us and find out as much as we can about your business. We'll know what you want to say to show your followers you're an expert

2. Where to say it

You choose what channels you want to use. Start where your customers are and tell them what they need to know to buy your services.


3. Check it over

We'll create your posts, write the text, add the links and send them to you for approval. You can cross the Ts and dot the Is and we're ready to start posting

4. Let's get started

You sit back and relax and we'll get posting. We'll be in touch to prep new posts and to update you on how your campain is coming along.